Debt Payment Log


Knowing who you owe is one of the first steps I took to get a handle on my finances when I was in over my head in debt in 2018. When you know who you owe it’s easier to see how much money needs to go out and when it’s supposed to go out. This makes understanding your financial situation a lot easier so you can make a plan to change your financial situation for the better.

How to use it:

Use this template to write down who you owe, when it’s due, how much is due monthly, the interest rate, the full balance due, and get a quick estimate on how long it will take you to pay it off if you pay the monthly payment only. (This doesn’t take into account the interest, if applicable, it’s just a quick estimate).

From there you can determine which debt payoff method will be best for you (ex. snowball or avalanche method)


The first step to gaining control of your finances is knowing your numbers. Use this template to build the foundation of your finances so that you have a starting place and know how to move forward.


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