I Tried to Barrel Twist My Locs

Hey Jazzy Gang, I attempted to barrel twist my hair in the front. I think I failed on some lol. It takes a little bit more concentration for me since it's new to me. I think the pieces that are used for the barrel twist on the outside are twisted in the opposite direction of the main twist. Does that make sense? It's like you're doing a regular two strand twist on the main inside...Read More

Birthday Tings

Hey Jazzy Gang! It's my birthday! I'm grateful for another year and all of my experiences! Today I have some things planned and I know it will be a good day. Birthday ItineraryFirst, my boyfriend and I are getting breakfast after we drop Kali off at daycare. Then I'm going to get my makeup done because I just want to take pictures with some balloons lol. Then happy hour and pick up Kali. Finally a...Read More

Moisturizing My Locs

Hey Jazzy Gang, I wanted to tell you how I moisturize my locs because it's so different from how I used to moisturize my hair before. I use wayyy less products which is great, but now I have to get rid of the majority of my product stash. All I use is: Distilled water Grape seed oil Jamaican Black castor oil I used to use coconut oil but someone brought to my attention that since...Read More

My First Retie – Starter Locs

Hey Jazzy Gang! I did my first retie! It took 5 days on and off. I was more conscious about the front since it was my first time. I knew I wanted to do 4 point rotations so I watched some videos and got to it. What I Used A crochet needle Spray bottle with water Coconut oil Jamaican Black Castor oil I stayed in the mirror for the front and by the time I...Read More

My First Wash – Starter Locs

Hey Jazzy Quad! I washed my hair for the first time since I started my loc journey. I am now one month locd! What I UsedThe items I used was: A spray bottle with water V05 clarifying shampoo Rubber bands Coconut oil Jamaican Black Castor oil Steps I tookTo begin, I braided and banded my hair. I separated my hair into four sections and then loosely braided my hair down to the end. After that...Read More

I’m Getting Loc’d Up!

Hey Royals, For the past 9 years, I've been a loose natural. Believe it or not, I just learned about the term "loose natural" recently during my research on locs. I became a "loose natural" in 2010 on a whim. I've mentioned this before but I took down my sew in while in college and didn't have anything to do to my hair. I needed a relaxer or to get my hair done again but,...Read More

My October Protective Style

Hey Royals, I wanted to try something different today. I'm coming to you in video form! Check out my protective style by clicking here! Quick Pics!

Curlfest 2019

Hey Royals, This past weekend I went to Curlfest here in Atlanta. It was lit! There was music, drinks, food trucks, vendors, and of course, HAIR PRODUCTS!! I absolutely love going to hair shows one reason being....the free samples. I'm just keeping it 100. I decided to pay an extra amount to get a ticket that included a free gift bag full of hair goodies and I wasn't let down. I received product samples from...Read More

Natural Hair Update!

Hey Royals! This post is to show you the progress my hair has made. Ive been rocking protective styles for the majority of the summer. Recently, I created a wig (find out how I made it) and wore that for about three weeks. After the wig, I put my hair in next another protective style, mini twists. I used my usual products to wash, deep condition, and moisturize. Check them out in this post. [caption...Read More

My July Protective Style – I Made My Own Wig

Hey Royals, I finally got around to making my wig using the bundles that I won from Inches of Envy's giveaway! I was so excited once I bought a closure because I could finally begin the wig making process. Let me tell you, it was a just that....a process! I was all over the place. Let's begin by prepping your natural hair. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional...Read More