How I Saved 4K in 14 months

Hey Royals, This past week was hectic to say the least. How often do you feel like you're running on fumes? I don't think I've been exhausted like this for awhile! That's good though, right? With a 7 month old at home, I think so. Today I'm going to be talking about how I saved over $3K in a little more than 1 year! That may not seem like a lot to you, it it...Read More

Bossed Up – Michelle Wilson

Hey Royals, I'm ending the Bossed Up series with my amazing cousin Michelle. Michelle and I (like the previous two boss ladies in the series Tabitha and Rachel) went to Coastal Carolina University. I wanted to interview Michelle because she is doing amazing things in the communities in both SC and NC. While in college she founded Time 4 Change. I love her drive and ambition and I am extremely proud of the woman she's...Read More

Bossed Up – Rachel Gibbs

Hey Royals, I'm back again with another featured post and let me tell you friends are securing their bags!! Some of them have been getting coins from their businesses for years. This week we are talking to one of my old college roommates, Rachel. Rachel and I had a conversation about her upbringing and whether or not she learned about money, passive income and multiple streams of income. We also talked about her business,...Read More

Bossed Up – Tabitha D. James

Hey Royals, Welcome to the Bossed Up series! In this series I will be featuring my friends that have started their own businesses and are transforming the lives of others! I will be asking each of my guests questions about their past and getting them to spill the tea on how they learned about personal finance/financial literacy, how and why they started their business, and much more. Today I'm featuring another one of my sorority...Read More

Secure the Bag, then Save it

Hey Royals, How many of you like to save money? I mean, who doesn't right? Today I'm going to share ways that I save money on groceries and other items! I like to use apps to earn cash back and shop at different groceries stores to save money. GroceriesWe all need to eat to survive, that's a given. But, did you ever think that you were spending too much on groceries? I used to there...Read More

How I Save My Coins by Shopping at Aldi

Hey Royals, Did you know that I had never heard of Aldi before I moved to Atlanta? And for the past 4 years I passed it by every time I went to Wal-Mart. This year I finally went inside to see what it was all about. I always wondered why it was in a plaza and not a stand alone store. When I walked in, I was very surprised by the layout. My first initial...Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Work

Hey Royals, Today I'm going to spill the tea on how to save money at work. It's fairly easy and it's probably not considered a side hustle, but it's a great way to get to the money! You are missing out if you're eligible to do this, but aren't taking advantage! If you aren't eligible, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I'll point you in the right direction. Please note that I am not...Read More

Goal Update #3

Hey Royals, I hope you all are doing great! Another month has passed and things are looking up! I have a couple of updates that I'd love to share with you all, so let's jump right into it! New Job I found a new job! My current position has the same standard title as my previous position but it is probably 10 times better! I went from a small organization to a huge one that...Read More

Goal Update #2!

Hey Royals! Where has time gone?! It's been over a month since my last goal update so I wanted to get you all up to speed. I've had a lot of events that will somewhat change my lifestyle. I've been on the market looking for a new job (for months now). Woohoo! This is a process that I really don't enjoy. You spend all this time submitting applications and hardly hear back, or hear back...Read More

Goal Update!

Hey Royals, Happy Friday! We are finally in the month of February! January literally felt like a year. I wanted to reflect on some of my goals that I've set for the year and give you all some updates. Intermittent Fasting: I started January 26, 2018. I didn't weigh myself when I began, but I was weighed last week at work since we are having a weight loss challenge. Our goal at work is to...Read More