I’m Saving Hundreds of Dollars by Switching to Visible Wireless

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Today I’m talking about my switch to Visible Wireless. So if you’re considering switching to a cheaper phone carrier keep reading. If you’d like to watch this in video format click here.

Recently I switched from Verizon to Visible wireless. I no longer cared about having a “big name” connected to my phone service and definitely felt like I could save some money (hundreds of dollars).

Prepaid Options

I only considered two companies which were Visible and Mint, however there are various prepaid carriers and cheaper phone carriers to choose from like Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Republic Wireless, Metro, and so on. Prepaid services are also offered through bigger companies like Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile.

Out of my personal preference choices I found that one of the two companies used multiple phone carriers’ towers and one used Verizon’s towers. I will admit that I was biased and always have leaned towards Verizon’s network because I’ve never had t-mobile and AT&T does not work back at my hometown house at all. It’s a no service zone. So I went with Visible which uses Verizon’s towers.

Getting Started

I had to unlock my number from Verizon – which was a security setting I added to protect my phone number from being ported by someone else. once I did that Verizon sent me a pin and proceeded with porting my number over to Visible.

I had the option to do e-sim or physical sim. I tried the e-sim but it didn’t work so I ordered a physical sim. It was supposed to arrive overnight but it came one day later which wasn’t a big deal to me although I was excited and impatient lol.

Once I got the sim I followed the directions in the app, (backed up my phone, made sure it was updated to the latest software, and popped in the SIM card.)


The I paid $25 for the first month which was discounted $15. The regular amount per month is $40. Previously, I was paying $80 per line with Verizon plus insurance and taxes. With 2 lines were were paying over $200 a month.

One thing I find that’s pretty cool about Visible is the “Party Plan.” You get $5 off per person who joins your “party” or uses your link to join Visible and you both get $5 off your bill every month until someone leaves Visible. There’s a cap at $15 off but you can still continue to invite others.

Visible Wireless offers phones just like most phone carriers. They have Apple devices, Samsung devices, and even wearables which includes only Apple watches at this time. You can pay the full prices or monthly payments. I tend to pay for my devices outright so that I own the device as soon as possible.

Potential Savings

I went from paying $80/month for my line plus taxes which is about $1020. (I estimated $5 a month in taxes so it would be $85 a month x 12 months. Now, with Visible I can expect to pay $465 a year. This includes the first month at $25 and 11 months at $40.

Of course the $465 yearly amount is an estimate or max since this price can go down if others join my visible party . This reduces the bill by $5/person, and up to $15. That means the annual estimate of $465 can potentially can drop. If 3 people were to join my party for the remainder of my one year which is about 10 months (at the time of writing this) I could save $150. My yearly total would be 305! That beats $1020 (3 times less this amount)!


The cons that I read about were streaming speeds caps and depriortization. Meaning the speeds for streaming at capped and basically you’re not a priority when it comes to congestion in the network. Verizon post paid customers will get first priority, then prepaid users will come afterwards. So if you’re at a large place with a lot of verizon customers you may experience slower speeds. For more information from the source, check out this link.

I’ve also read in a review that you can only connect one device at a time for the hotspot. I can’t attest to any of these yet because I’m usually always home and on WiFi. So the cons are not deal breakers for me right now.

Visible Hotspot Limits and Speeds

Update 11.21

I traveled with this service to another state and listened to Pandora the entire way. I had no issues at all. I also used it as a hotspot for my daughters iPad the entire trip and even had to use it or my work computer while on the road.

When I added the computer I did notice that the connection got spotty and even dropped my Zoom call twice.

When I used the hotspot solely for my computer once we got off the road and it worked decent.

Overall I’m very pleased with the service. No complaints at all.

Join my visible party and save $5 per month!

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