A Recap of My Mini Retirement – Financial Independence Update

Welcome back! Today I’m talking about what I’ve been up to in regards to my financial independence and working. You can watch a video version of the post on my channel Jasmine Regina.

As you know, I quit my corporate accounting position in December 2020. I decided that I wanted to figure out what I really wanted to do. I wanted to escape a 9-5 and the stress of accounting (constantly closing the books monthly didn’t appeal to me that much anymore). I wanted to spend more time with family which the pandemic made difficult. I was home with my daughter but still glued somewhat to my desk and computer screen.

I wanted to work on some passions which were interior decorating, crafting, and investing. The goal was to take 3 months off and see what happened. Initially, I thought I would kick off my interior decorating business but got cold feet since I felt like I needed a portfolio to begin and felt no one would hire me without experience or said portfolio. I think I was afraid to really take a chance and possibly fail.

3 months turned into 7 months amd I was sticking to investing (learning how to trade forex). It was definitely fun but the problem was that I was investing with money that was not disposable. My savings. I withdrew from my 401k to ensure that I could take of my expenses and keep things flowing financially as of I never left my job. I had a nice amount saved up.

I just couldn’t keep up with just investing because I was still learning and losing money (which is normal). Plus I was using my savings which is a huge no no, use disposable income please! I also put a lot of money into my first official business which also took money.

For my family, I decided that it was time to get back into the swing of working but dreaded it to be honest. Having that time at home, chilling, felt so good! Working on business plans and ideas and crafts felt so liberating but it wasn’t paying the bills. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to take time away from work and experience it. I still remember how funny it was when a recruiter said most people don’t quit a job unless they have something lined up. I am not most people. Period. I think she was confused about the concept of a mini retirement and that some people have money saved up to allow them to do what they want. I guess the idea of financial independence and mini retirements aren’t as big as I thought.

Looking back, I think I would have planned a little different, meaning I would have been more strategic. Here are some things I would have considered or done different:

* Maybe paying up bills instead of waiting until they were due to ensure the money didn’t get spent on anything else.

* Gotten clear on my vision for my life. What do I really want to spend my time on and how to get there. Working backwards usually helps me with this thought process.

* Frequently assessing or reflecting on what’s going on and being honest with myself when things aren’t working/knowing when to pivot and make changes.

* Not putting all my eggs in one basket. Only trying 1 thing.

* Not seeking guidance from someone in a better position than me. Example: Don’t take financial advice from broke friends.

Overall it was amazing! I can’t wait until I take another one or reach financial independence, whichever comes first! I’m still working on paying off debt and I’m still on track despite taking a mini retirement.

Have you found your dream job or a job that makes you happy? I’m always interested. Let me know.


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