I Finally Dyed My Locs

Welcome back to the blog!

I hope you’ve been well. I finally dyed my hair after almost 2 years of starting my loc journey.

If you want to check out my hair via video after I dyed it head to my youtube channel Jasmine Regina!

I’ve always been a little scared to dye my hair becuase I know you have to take really good care of it lol and I’m lazy when it comes to my hair (part of the reason why I decided to loc it). So now that it’s dyed, I’ll just have to step up and really take care of my hair and keep it moisturized.

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The Process

I began this process by going to my local beauty supply store and finding the lightest color box hair dye because I wanted a lighter color on my hair. I chose light blonde (I had virgin black 1B hair with some grey in the front). I knew my hair would not come out blonde despite the examples of that he before and after would be listed on the box.

Initially I didn’t know how or where I wanted to apply the dye, I thought about the tips, a section in the front, or just the middle, etc. I was a little lost and started getting frustrated because I didn’t have a plan. You know I have a plan! I also thought about only dying my extremely long loc, but that would have been a waste of my money and dye if I only did one loc.

I finally decided to do just the tips and I started with like 1-2 inches of dye šŸ˜©. I decided that was not enough so I dyed my ends a little more going further upwards with the dye on my hair.

Here is the product I used Creme of Nature Light Blonde

Things I Didn’t Know

I did not know that you should wait until 3 days (72 hours) have past until you wash or wet your hair… I definitely didn’t know that you should be mindful of the sun (I went and worked out OUTSIDE afterwards! I know! AND I dampened/wet my hair to STYLE it that same evening! OMG šŸ˜³ I’m so new to this, I’m learning though!

What I’m Doing

Everyday or like every other day I’ve been moisturizing my hair with water and oils (because I’ve told y’all in so many previous posts that just oiling your hair is not moisturizing it).

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