5 Quick Steps to Formally Start A Business

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In today’s post we are talking about starting a business. Being your own boss and being in control of life is what we are all about here at Queen Jazz Reigns so lets get into it!

So you think you want to become a business owner? Let’s talk about it. Here are the steps I took to form my business as an LLC.

First things first

Make sure you do your research and and plan for your business. You want to make sure it will be profitable. A business plan will be a great place to start. If you need help consider hiring a business coach or strategist.


  1. Create your business and register it with your Secretary of State ($100). (GA Secretary of State). I used a service like Zen Business to ensure everything was correct from the beginning but you can definitely do it yourself! They also can handle all the filing (steps 2-3).
  2. Obtain a EIN number (free)
  3. Get a business license if applicable (check your county).
  4. Open a business bank account (I opened an account with NOVO). If you’re interested in opening a business account with them, let me know by contacting me, we both can receive $40 once you open and fund your business account. (Of course I would recommend you doing your research first 😉)
  5. Get an accounting system like Quickbooks for your business

Now the next step is to get clients or customers!Follow your business plan to help you get there!

Those are the simple steps I took and I hope you find it helpful!




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