I Rinsed My Locs Black

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Last month I decided to rinse my hair black. I have a few grey strands that pop out and make my hair look a little salt and pepper like. This product was sent to me in the mail – I received 3 packets on 3 different occasions.

Check out the video or keep reading.

I was hesitant at first because I was confused as to how to mix it. I read the directions and at first I didn’t understand that there were 2 items inside the packet that were separated by plastic and needed to be mixed together before you apply it to your hair.

First thoughts – smart to put it in one packet and have it separate – but it was a pain in the ass to mix it if you don’t have any hair dying accessories on hand. I would have preferred if I used a mixing bowl – I definitely have one but I didn’t use it.

I decided I would try to mix the contents together inside of the packet even though I would need to remove the separator or get one of the products to the other side of the packet. Would have been so much more easier to use the mixing bowl :).

Once I got it mixed together, I began to apply it.

Make sure you have enough for your hair. I only wanted to try the front of my hair especially since I have some gray going on. I wanted to see how it would look again with just black hair – it’s been a while lol.

I like how it turned out. I made a mess in my bathroom shower but my hair looked nice back black.

I will probably do this again once it comes out my hair – just so I can really see the difference and if I actually like it and if it’s necessary (it’s not).

Have you tried Kiss producers before for hair? I didn’t even know they had hair products.

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