Debt Payoff Journey Update

Welcome to the blog!

Today I’m going to be sharing my progress on my debt. I think it has been long overdue.

It is currently April 2021 and we are still facing a pandemic. I’m extremely grateful to be in the position I am in and still able to pay off debt. 2020 was interesting because I felt like I should have been sticking to saving money only. But nah, I’m still on my financial independence journey pandemic or not.

Taking advantage of opportunities is what I have been really doing 😃.

Here is a break down of my current debt:

• Care Credit $1807

• Personal Credit Card $3,500

• Navicore $3,975

• Car Payment $5,617

• Student Loans $100,790

Total debt at this time is 115,649.

I’m very grateful for the skill sets that I am learning that are working as side hustles to help speed up my debt free journey. I’ve learned how to trade stock options on a beginner level and made a significant dent in my debt last year.

The goal for this year is the same – to pay off debt. It doesn’t matter if I pay extra on it or just pay the minimum due (non credit cards), I just enjoy being consistent and able to pay my debt off. It’s a marathon not a race.

I’m using the snowball method and working on my Care Credit balance first since it’s the smallest. Then I’ll work my way to the others with my student loans last!

Q2 is here and let’s see what happens and how much debt I am able to pay off this year! Ultimately I would love to to pay off 3 large items.

Are you on a debt free journey or working towards building generational wealth?

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