3 Easy Ways To Style Your Locs After A Flexi Rod Set

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Ok ya’ll! You know I love styling my microlocs with perm rods to get those beautiful bouncy curls but I have found that a flexi rod set is a quick alternative to the perm rod set. Plus the curls are a little softer… let’s not get softer confused with comfortable to sleep in…the curls are just softer and fluffier than perm rods in my opinion.

Here are some pics. If you’re interested in watching a tutorial on how I got this look (flexi rod set), check out my Youtube Video.

ways to style locs

How to do a flexi rod set on locs

  1. It’s best to start on clean hair, no products and it looks great when you’re hair has been recently retightened too! 
  2. Add some water, I like to add a little oil (grapseed oil).
  3. Part your hair in sections and wrap the flexi rod around them. I used the blue and pink flexi rods for this style.
  4. Allow your hair to fully dry, I like to leave the flexi rods in overnight to make sure they are dry before I remove them
  5. Style your locs, add edge control if you use it (and maybe try on the looks below if they’re your style)

I usually will wear my curls for about a week before they start to drop, I’ve stretched them for two weeks before but that’s something you’ll decide for yourself.


Day 1

I didn’t do much so let more hair fall to one side and laid my edges down a little. I used some free samples of a hold and edge gel from my local beauty supply store. Even the edge control provided a soft hold, which complimented the style to me.

Day 2

For his style, I twisted up the side portion from the previous day. I twisted the side up with two twists. I also bought these blue light glasses from Target. I wonder if they really work?

Day 3

This style is a little different. I twisted up the back into three twists and pinned them up. Then I twisted the side again but only made one large twist compared to the day before which were two twists going up.

                                                                                              Day 4

Day 4

My curls are starting to fall and I’m still liking how it looks. I decide to kind of braid the middle up. This was inspired by Kendra Kenshay.

                                                                             Another view on day 4
                                                                              Kendra Kenshay

If you like these styles let me know!

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ways to style your locs

I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace ✌🏾

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