Flexi rods on micro locs

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Check this out! Omg!

Not only are flexi rods a quicker alternative for perm rods to set your hair but it’s a little softer… don’t get that confused with comfortable to sleep in…just softer than perm rods.

Here are some pics

Day 1 hair

I didn’t do much so let more hair fall to one side and laid my edges down a little. I used some free samples of a hold and edge gel from my local beauty supply store.

Day 2 style

For his style, I twisted up the side portion from the previous day. I twisted the side up with two twists.

I bought these blue light glasses from Target. I wonder if they really work?

Day 3 hair

This style is a little different. I twisted up the back into three twists and pinned them up. Then I twisted the side again but only made one large twist compared to the day before which were two twists going up.

                                                                                              Day 4

My curls are starting to fall and I’m still liking how it looks. I decide to kind of braid the middle up. This was inspired by Kendra Kenshay.

                                                                             Another view on day 4
                                                                              Kendra Kenshay

If you like these styles let me know!

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I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace ✌🏾

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