5 Ways to Level Up in 2021!

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2020 was definitely a year to remember! In order to make sure 2021 is wayyy better than 2020 I decided to list things that have helped me get to where I am now.

First, let’s do a recap of what happened in 2020 for me?

  • I my spiritual journey
  • I bought my first LV bag
  • I changed my mindset
  • I broke the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  • I paid off over 6 credit cards ($10K)
  • I figured out what’s important in life
  • I quit my 9-5

Now, I’m doing what I love and impacting others lives. I decided to make a list of resources that could help the next person on their journey because it’s important to me that I share everything I’ve learned and continue to impact others.

Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I will get a paid a commission if you use my link. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and love! Thank you for your support!

Books to Read in 2021

I recommend the following books. These have helped me tremendously throughout 2020 and I think these are great books to APPLY to your life. Read these books if you want to learn more about

  • changing my mindset and life
  • investing and saving
  • growing spiritually/being mindful and aware

As a result of reading these books and applying them to my life, I’ve been knocking down walls and crushing my goals as well as becoming a better person and being aligned with my purpose.


The 4 Agreements

Think and Grow Rich

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Millionaire Next Door

The Secret

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Podcasts that can help you get your life together

Help with Debt and Credit Repair



If you’re interested in multiple streams of income including residual income (which is extremely important), and trading in the foreign exchange market like the big banks do then check out our community on Discord!

I have found so much success in 2020 alone with the help of these resources. I hope it can provide some value for you too!

Join The Royal Family and keep up with me and my journey to financial independnce and prepare to start yours!

Talk to you soon!


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