How I Paid Off $23,000 of Credit Card Debt in 36 months!

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As you may know, consolidating debt can be very helpful! It’s one of the reasons I was able to pay down nice chunk of my debt at the pace I have.

Being in debt was a burden. I was constantly reminded that I was broke and struggling due to the mistakes that I made in my earlier years. 

I started my debt free journey in 2018. I was tired of struggling and had just found out I was pregnant. Who knew once I started answering the phone for my creditors that I would get a solution to my problem? 

2018 was the flipping point for me. I answered the call from Bank of America and after letting the representative know my situation, she introduced me to Navicore Solutions. I had about $30,000 worth of credit card debt.

Once I was on the program with Navicore Solutions, I was paying $774 a month. (On my own paying my creditors, my minimum was close to my rent!) Year to date (as of January 2021 when I am writing this) I have paid off over $23,000 just towards credit card debt. Not counting the money I’ve paid toward other debt like my vehicle, student loans, etc. I think that I’ve done a fantastic job and that consolidating debt made a lot of sense for me. 

With that being said I am going to share the pros and cons (my experience) of consolidating debt with Navicore Solutions.


We talked money first

We started the conversation by assessing my current financial situation. We discussed my budget and the representative literally asked me much money came in versus how much was going out. I had to be honest and seeing my information on paper really put things into perspective for me.

They confirmed I was over extended with bills so they began the next step of the process and started contacting my creditors. I understood that the credit card accounts would have to be closed (and that would affect my credit score). I had already screwed it up so I went along with doing what was necessary to fix my financial situation.

We also discussed options like getting a better paying job/another job and anything else that could help my financial situation.


One monthly payment

Instead of paying 8 or 9 creditors every month and having to recall which bank account is going to pull from (I have multiple bank accounts at different financial institutions)- you just have one monthly payment. One monthly payment is the purpose of consolidation in my eyes, in addition to the lower interest rates.  It makes things easier to keep track of and less interest rates overall. No more forgetting due dates, or paying money that foes only towards interest versus principal. One payment, one amount, one date.

Automatic payments

All of the work is done for you and they are flexible! You can select your due date and decide if you want to split your monthly payment. I have not done that, but I imagine it could help a lot! All you have to do is make sure money is in the account before the day it drafts to avoid a return check fee and keep it moving!

Like I said, you will be charged a fee if your payment is returned. That fee is added to the next payment and they will automatically try to get to payment a few days later. You may have to call or make an arrangement if they don’t get it the second time so that you remain on track, don’t miss a payment with your creditors, etc. Be aware of the rules and expectations while on the program because you want to be sure that you are aware if a missed payment or two could kick you off the program. 

Snowball Method

You can make multiple payments a month as long as you are actually making your your minimum payment. It’s so easy to call and say you want to make another payment or do it online or automated call. The representatives are always happy to help and provide information quickly.

When I was in a position to finally make multiple payments and pay off large sums at once, I noticed that they would apply the snowball method to my other payments once I paid off one card in full. Man was I happy! I didn’t have to request this or anything. It feels good to know someone is on the other side helping me pay off debt quickly (even though they do have a fee it’s not outrageous).

Customer service

In the past 3 years, the majority of the times I’ve called have been pleasant. All of my questions or requests are answered and I am totally satisfied with the help I’ve received!

User friendly

I am a self sufficient type of person. If I can access everything online – everything will be done online. One of my personal preferences is to be get the job done, I am not the type that has to have someone on the phone. I prefer quick and efficient.

One thing that I absolutely love that I can easily log in and see all of my balances per card or account that was consolidated. I can quickly view statements and see when my separate payments went out to each creditor and the method (check or eft).


My only con, which is reaching to be honest, is that you are charged a fee. However, the fee is reasonable in my opinion and it could have been a total rip off.

I’m definitely glad I took a step forward to change my situation. I’m definitely reaping the benefits and seeing the fruit of my labor by staying motivated to pay off debt early and change my financial situation.

My opinion

Make sure you understand the rules. You are in a debt consolation program. Pay attention if you are only supposed to make payments to the company not the original creditor. Know the ways you can get kicked off the pro Gemma, and how to handle your creditors when you are just starting the program. Make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you. Ensure balances look correct, don’t leave room for any mistakes or hiccups. Keep statements and emails.


I recently was featured on their blog and won $100 gift card! just for sharing my experience/review for a sweepstakes. But seeing my progress written on a blog post other than my own blog is what got me teary eyed. I’m truly making progress, every payment adds up.

Here’s her story:

In 2018, I joined Navicore – after I finally stopped dodging creditors. I was behind on payments, living paycheck to paycheck and miserable financially. I had over 10 credit cards and all of them were maxed out (over $30,000 worth of credit card debt). My minimum payments were over $850 and I couldn’t even make all of them on top of paying rent, my car payment, insurance, student loans, etc. Then I found out I was pregnant and knew things had to change!

Navicore consolidated my high interest credit cards and lowered my payments and interest rates. My payments with Navicore started at a little over $750 a month.  I was able to add another stream of income, got a promotion, and finally stopped living paycheck to paycheck this year (2020). Then I started paying extra on my debt with Navicore, and I have eliminated over 5 balances out of the 10 this year if not more. I only have one more card to pay off and the monthly payment is $250.

I’m super grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my credit card debt. I’m now on a financial independence journey and plan to retire early (in 10 years or less). Now I help others learn about financial literacy and how to avoid the mistakes I made. My life has truly changed and I’m grateful for the push and progress I’ve made with a Navicore.

I thought I would only the $100 gift card but I actually received a box full of swag items in addition to the gift card! How dope is that? 


Free swag from Navicore Solutions since I won a contest

Overall, my experience with Navicore Solutions has been great. it’s funny to see myself on the other side of the debt mountain. I’m grateful to be changing my financial situation and I want you to know that you can do it too! If you want to know the steps I did that got me where I am sign up for my email list and receive my freebie!

Interested in consolidating debt? Check out Navicore Solutions and tell them I referred you!

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