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If you can tell by the title, then you will know that……

I am quitting my corporate job!

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Yes, you read that right. I’m quitting my 9-5!

I’ve had so many emotions about this decision and some may even think this is so crazy lol! But that’s okay, Im more concerned about my family. Plus I feel like it’s time. This pandemic has impacted me in positive ways, especially the way I think and feel about life.

I have experienced a lot throughout this time as I’m sure others have as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to see many opportunities arise and not be horribly affected this year, and for that I am grateful. Because of that, I have realized what is truly important to me and what no longer serves me in this season.

When you have your first child and you have to drop them off at daycare once maternity leave is over… you are terrified. At least I was. I had been home for 12 or so weeks with my baby before going back and I was sick the night before going back to work.

Before the pandemic started, I wanted to be home with my child all day. I hated that she had to go to daycare but understood I had to work and loved my job. And even though I loved my job and the flexibility, I loved the days when I would work from home and keep my daughter home from daycare with me or pick her up early from daycare because I was working at home.

Time is so important to me. It’s something we can’t get back. I’ve been able to catch Kali’s firsts like crawling and walking, and I want to be able to spend quality time with her. I’m also interested in homeschooling and have been for awhile now. I’ve always wanted to be able to go travel wherever because we can make money from anywhere. That’s been my goal so whatever I can do to get my closer to achieving that, I’m going to do.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending “
Start where you are and change the ending.

Then the pandemic hit and I knew I didn’t want to go back to the office once things were normal. I knew my job could be remote as we were already flexible and working from home prior but, I wanted something different. I wanted to change the narrative even if for a couple of months. I want to test the waters and see what would happen if I can truly and consistency worked to create a life that I love. If you know me then you know that’s my motto 😌 like literally lol.

“Change the way you live, to liveh a life you love”​ - QJR
“Change the way you live, to liveh a life you love” – QJR

What could I do to create a life that I would love? Be true to myself.

How did I decide this?

Before doing something like this, a conversation should occur with the adults in your household. My household is okay with my decision and goal to be happy and enhance our lives. Plus I have a back up plan.

I decided to ensure I had more than a couple months worth of expenses saved because I had already made a dent in my debt this year by trading stocks options and investing. If you’re new to the debt free journey and working towards financial independence, I would start by creating a plan or road map. You can also check out some of my other posts

P.S. – If you’re interested in learning how to trade stock options in the stock market check out this post here and this one on How I Made My Rent in Less Than 24 Hours. I made a lot of money this year that I may not have made if things were “normal” and paid off about 10k worth of debt. That was huge for me because I am on my financial independence journey and plan to retire in 10 years or less.

Learn how to trade stock options and invest
Learn how to trade stock options

Want to jump straight into the course that taught me how to make money in the stock market like this? Click here to go straight to the amazing course that changed my 2020 and life!

Then I started looking at things like my 401k, HSA, investment accounts, and health insurance. I knew immediately that we would need to keep health insurance for as long as possible after I left my job until I figured it out. An alternative of course was to pay for the insurance ourselves. This is on my priority list.

I was intentional about my last day because I wanted to ensure my family would be covered throughout the end of the year, without me staying at my job through the end of year.

My 401k account was decent and I knew how much was vested and I knew the balances in all my other investment accounts and tax advantageous accounts.

I don’t have everything figured out because I would be waiting forever for everything to fall in place. But I felt now is a good start. And if I decided to go back to corporate in the future, cool.

Do it scared

What’s next?

During the pandemic, I started to look at public accounting like the enemy lol. Like it was a big trap. I was tired of month end close, quarter end close and annual close! I wanted to enjoy my time at home WITH my family. Not just be home working while they were home. I want to play with my daughter and chill with her without worrying about close, or missing an email, etc.

I wanted us to enjoy being home together more while we are home, create new traditions, quality time away from screens, get outside and get fresh air, etc. I just didn’t see that happening if I continued my job. It COULD happen but not the way I wanted it to look.

This period is a time off is for me to really figure out what I want to do. How do I want my life to look. How does my family life’s look based on this decision? Is it beneficial, of course!

I plan to do side hustles in the mean time. I know how to invest in the stock market, trade stock options, trade forex among other things. I have many opportunities to bring in money I just have to be intentional and create a plan. I also saved money for at least a few months before needing to decide if I still want to do accounting.

To be honest, I didn’t want to work anyone else’s job after this pandemic and I definitely didn’t want to go back to paying for daycare and going into an office. I always (secretly) wanted to be a stay at home mom but work an interesting job that gave me joy at the same time.

One that doesn’t require long hours all the time. I can go along my day as I want unless I am working on a project that I want to work on. I want to be able to pick and choose what I do. I also looked into different careers and earned a certificate while still at my corporate job.

I can switch to a different career that has more flexibility if I want. It’s an exciting time and can be scary too. But I’ve found that great things come to those who take risks and jump out on faith. I’ve never made a bad decision when I step out on faith.

What’s the worse that can happen?

If all fails, I can go back to accounting and I’m sure I’ll fail because that’s part of life. But if I decide to quit my journey of working for myself and creating my best life, I can go back to accounting where my degrees and experience still hold value.

This may sound crazy to you but it is what it is. I don’t want to regret not taking this leap. After all, every time I’ve took a leap of faith it has been an amazing decision. I trust the universe.

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Until then, talk to you in the next update.



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