My 1 Year Loc Anniversary!

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Guess what? Having thick, course, BLACK hair is amazing! I love my hair.

Having thick black hair is amazing!

While having thick, course hair is dope, don’t get it twisted, amazing and easy are not synonymous. Natural hair is BEAUTIFUL and after almost 10 years, I decided to stop waiting for the “perfect” time to loc my hair 🙃. I’d considered it for about 5 years and I didn’t want to commit to it and not be able wear certain styles.

Now I’m looking back like “girl…locs are so versatile!” I’m so grateful that I started my journey.

Another reason why it took me so long to start my locs is that I didn’t see a lot of people with smaller sized locs. I later learned that they’re commonly called microlocs.

Check out this post to see why I really started my locs.

Believe it or not, on high school, my best friend’s mom started her microloc journey, but I don’t think I understood what they were then, maybe because the concept was so new to me.

So here I am with microlocs in 2020. My 1 year locd anniversary was 10.31.20.

2019 vs. 2020

Let’s take a look at where I started. I two-strand twisted all of my 4c hair within 5 days. I focused on my parts and the size of my twists first.

I decided to do my hair myself because I didn’t want to spend upwards of $1,200 for my sisterlocs to be installed. Period.

But oh how I wanted it to be perfect! I kept parting my hair over and over and looking in the mirror trying to get my hair as straight as possible. I wanted my hair to look like a loctician did it without the price.

I didn’t really realize that I was basically comparing my skills to someone who really knows what they are doing based on the texture and density of your hair (if I’m not mistaking). I dream big lol.

I didn’t budget for that this year and said well I’ve been doing my own natural hair for over 9 years at the time so what was the worst I could do. I’d shaved my hair off a couple of times, dyed my hair, played with so many natural hair products, attended natural hair conventions in Atlanta …so yeah.

After one full year, this is my hair!

1 year locd

Looking back

I had unrealistic goals for my hair partly due to lack of knowledge. I thought my hair would loc quickly because of my texture. Another thing I found myself doing was comparing my hair to others.

I’ve learned to just let my hair do it’s thing when it wants to. It’s been pretty dope watching it transform.

I thought all my hair would be budding by now lol, when in reality I only a few have buds 1 year in. The interesting thing about starting with two strand twist and interlocking the roots is that only my hair that is still twisted has to loc, the rest is already interlocked and fully locd.

It’s been a dope ass journey and has opened my eyes to way more than just my hair. If you want, check out some of my YouTube videos.

Have you considered loc’ing your hair? Is anything holding you back? Let’s chat in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My 1 Year Loc Anniversary!

  1. Glad I ran into your page! I’m on that “decision” journey with locking my hair right now. I was also thinking about starting with 2-strand twists just as you did and for the same reason! (are we related…lol???) I’m going to check out your videos as well and get some insight.

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