I Started Trading Stock Options and Guess What?

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Today’s post will be focused on financial independence and a potential side hustle for you. That is my hope at least.

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I have been trading stock options. Have you heard of it? I only knew about investing in stocks and funds. I haven’t been trading stock options that long, maybe a few weeks now. I was introduced to it through an Instagram post by one of my friends. I kept seeing pictures of earnings on his page… like almost daily. He created an ebook to teach you how it’s done. He also created a group on Slack that’s so helpful for questions and information to help you learn. It’s a great community!!

The Come Up is Real

You can make a lot of money trading stock options but you can lose it all too. That’s why I chose to learn at the information in one book. I don’t like piecing together information by Googling or using YouTube. I want it all in one spot. Especially because everyone does things differently so proving information yourself can be confusing.

I made $785 in one day on one option! That was a game changer for me and my first big gain. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lost money as well. But the idea that I could make major profits on the right stock options opened my eyes. Check out the option below on PayPal. I paid $285 for the option and it was worth $1,070 once I sold, which is a profit of $785! That’s more than I get paid to work an 8 hour shift.

With the help of the group on Slack and your own research, you can analyze the company’s share price plus whatever may be going on in the news related to that company. After you have that information, you can decide if you think the share price will go or down.

You can make money if the stock goes up AND down

Yep! If you think the price will go down you can make money on that too. It’s different from investing in stocks because you only make money if the share price increases and you usually buy shares for the long term. There are a lot of companies whose share prices are declining due to the economy. So regardless there’s money that can be made when trading stock options.

Are you trying to get a bag?

If you want to make some money on the side, maybe a day’s worth (8 hours at your current job, without even clocking in) then you should consider buying this bundle. The bundle includes 2 ebooks on trading stock options and investing in stocks and there’s even more that’s offered. I got the bundle and I am grateful. You know it’s my goal to retire early (in 10 years) and not work on anyone’s job unless I want to. This is a great way to help me reach my goal.

Here are more receipts on other options that I made money on.

Update 5/28/20 – I made a little more money! Here is a photo that I uploaded to my Instagram.

I made a little more

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What are you waiting for?

Now is the best time to invest in yourself. Why not learn another way to make money? Especially in these uncertain times. Why not ensure that you are financially stable? If you want to buy the bundle or look at his other products check the links below. By the way, I am an affiliate so at no extra cost to you, I make money if you purchase. That’s because I know you can make money as I have. There’s enough money for everyone. I bought the bundle with both options trading and stock investing. 💰💰💰

Barge Consulting Group: On-Demand Investment Bundle Package

Barge Consulting Group: Intro to Options Trading E-Guide

Barge Consulting Group: Intro to Stock Investing Guide for Beginners

Do you invest? What are some side hustles you have? How are you managing your money Ian these uncertain times?

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