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This post is very different from any other posts I’ve published so far. I’ve been on a different path lately, a spiritual one, and it’s been amazing! It led me to the realization that I am more than just a content creator. I am a CREATOR of all things. I have created my life, my reality, my success, with my MIND.

I’m the reason for my success

Do you get it? My thoughts have shaped my reality. Good or bad. And believe it or not, you have shaped your own reality with your thoughts. What do you constantly think about? Is it positive or negative?

We are creators whether we believe it or not. Out thoughts shape our reality and once we realize that we can begin to shift our mindset. We can change our lives. Check out this post on my blog and the books that have helped me on my journey
We are creators

Be more positive than negative

A well used example for the law of attraction is hitting your toe on the bed in the morning and then your day goes downhill from there. It’s because you got upset and like a magnet, you attracted more things to you that would upset you. You realize you are late for work, get stopped by every light on the way, spill your coffee, so on.

Another example is when you didn’t want to be called on in class and you kept hoping and wishing your teacher wouldn’t call on you, but they did. All of that energy you put out attracted it to you. Your mind doesn’t repel things you don’t want to happen. Whatever you think, takes shape and forms.

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Recently I came across an interesting post on Pinterest post that helped me change my thoughts more than I already had. It said something like this. If you have $86,400 and someone takes $10, would your whole world (and savings) be turned upside down? Personally I would be like damn, someone got me…but will that make me lose the rest of my money, no? We have over 86,400 seconds in the day, don’t let 10 secs of something negative happening ruin the other 86,390 seconds. It’s not worth it to focus on the negative and blow the rest of your day. You can find the blog post from this website and see the photo below that I am referring to.

There have been times when I got annoyed with my boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter, and I tried to think positive thoughts but more and more negative thoughts pushed through, making me more upset. Like attracts like, every manifestation book or book related to spirituality that I have read so far has said that. Feed your mind with positive thoughts.

What I’m doing on my journey

So what have I been doing? I’ve been asking and I have been receiving ☺️. Coincidentally, well not really because I don’t believe in coincidences, I have that tattooed on my arms. To be exact, the Bible verse Matthew 7:8 is on my inner forearms. I got it done like 3 years ago. Way before I was thinking about the law of attraction. It’s funny to me now that I knew parts of manifestation back then.

I also started being grateful for e v e r y t h i n g!! From the moment I wake up to the moment I lay down and fall asleep at night, I am thanking the Universe, God, etc. I’m grateful for where I am and who I am becoming. My mind, my health, my job, family, finances, hands, eyes, etc.

Another thing I am doing is building my faith even more! Stepping out on faith has gotten me far, it’s part of the manifestation process as well. When you believe, you receive. So if you were to ask me, I would say that the process is, ask, believe and work towards it, and receive.

Check out this post on my blog and the books that have helped me on my journey
Your thoughts shape your reality

Flashback to 2014: I remember moving to Atlanta without a job lined up. I’m sure people thought I was crazy. I didn’t have any accounting experience yet but I used to work at a credit union prior to my move. I landed an interview with an amazing credit union and within two weeks of being in Atlanta, I had a job. I knew something would work out so I was prepared to leave and move. I also had a back up (money that would help me).

Whatever you put your energy into, it becomes true. If you think it, it will happen, whether that affects you positively or negatively. Remember the school example? If you put a lot of energy into something negative, it will happen the same as if it were positive. People can make themselves sick by thinking it, and people can heal themselves by thinking and believing they are well. Have you ever seen The Skelton Key? The girl didn’t believe in hoodoo when she first got the job. In the end she believed in it and that’s why the ritual worked right? Let me know!

I truly think it’s the same when people pray for miracles or when individuals beat their sickness or freak accident. They truly believe they will make it. Fears cause doubt and then it has the potential to go downhill from there.

I know it’s not always easy to believe without knowing though. Trust me. As an accountant and a very analytical person it used to be very hard not to know HOW something was going to happen. I had to let go of knowing every single step of the process. Overthinking was my best friend and I’m happy to say that I am learning how to flow and let things happen. Besides, being a control freak is tiring.

Honestly, I have been reading different books and learning a lot. I will include them below so you can take a look and purchase if you want. That’s what’s been helping. What has NOT been helping me is jumping from book to book without applying what I’ve learned in the previous book. Although they are related books, I need to take a break and apply everything consistently before moving on to the next. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with info.

Check out this post on my blog and the books that have helped me on my journey
Manifest your desires

What do you think about this?

I think young people have manifestation nailed down, especially really young kids. As a kid I wanted a lot and I got a lot of what I wanted. Some people call this being spoiled. But in hindsight I believe I had access to the Universe even then. I never thought about how I would get something, I just asked, had a strong desire and I got it. As adults, we have strong desires too, but we also have doubts. Those same doubts can push our manifestations further from us.

Let’s say I want something luxurious, I would plan and figure out all the ways I can put my plan in motion. Personally, I wouldn’t just ask for a million dollars and sit back without action. (But who knows, if the right amount of desire is there, maybe it can happen). I (Jazz) would focus on what I can do to help me get to where I want. So making a plan, almost like setting goals is helpful to me. Going back to check off what has happened and what’s left to work on feels great. So far I’ve accomplished 5 goals on my list.

Back to this million dollar wish without action. Wish for it and then come back and leave a comment telling me how you did it! I believe having a plan will be better. Who knows your million dollars can come in the form of a million dollar idea, project, collaboration, etc. How do you think we got electricity? It was a thought first right? Do you think he know how he was going to do it overnight?

The universe was created by thought. Pyramids were built because someone thought about it first. It originated in someone’s mind. Having kids comes from thoughts of wanting to have kids. However, desperation, in what I’ve been reading, is not the approach. You want to feel happy when you’re trying to manifest. Imagine already having the item or whatever it is. Trick your subconscious, visualize you having it now.

My manifestations so far

To test this as a newbie spiritual person, I found that I received a lot in just 3 weeks. I wanted a new rewards credit card. I got denied by one bank and was like whatever, I’m not sure why I bank with them (seriously I have accounts at better financial institutions) and the next day I had an offer in the mail from the same company that I already had a credit card with. I got so used to them sending offers in the mail that I always disregarded it as junk. This time though, it was for a rewards card or maybe I just happened to pay more attention to the envelope. Something told me to apply since I was already preapproved and had history with the company. I was approved and I wanted my limit to be more than my rent amount, just in case I wanted to pay rent on it and pay it right back to get the points or cash back rewards. That’s exactly what I got. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so excited and grateful that I cried. This was less than a week after reading The Secret and shifting my mindset.

Check out this post on my blog and the books that have helped me on my journey
Our minds are powerful

In addition to that, I have manifested free coffee. We have free coffee on every floor at work but I wanted someone to buy me coffee. I’ve read that small manifestations are like practice so I thought I’d start small. Shorty after I thought about it, a coworker offered me Starbucks. I declined but I was grateful and made note that it worked lol.

I also wanted to be able to talk to more people about spirituality and ended up talking to my manager for about 1 hour about manifestation and spirituality that week. That was not what our meeting was about but I made note of that as well. I also recently found out that my sorority sister is also on her spiritual journey. My boyfriend and his sister are too, and now I truly believe that you have to be ready. Because there were times when I didn’t understand what they were talking about so I wrote it off and half listened. Now it’s amazing to be able to talk to them. I hope I’m not driving them nuts.

Another thing I manifested recently was a higher salary and I had a specific number in my mind. Every time I asked about the promotion, I didn’t get an answer beyond, it’s still in the process of being approved. Not once did I discuss a number with anyone who had to do with the promotion. When I got the news I was so happy!! I got a little bit more than the number I wanted. I’m a true believer! I’m going to I live my dream life but until then, I am going to enjoy my current life because it’s pretty damn amazing as well. I’m done with going through the motions and not living. I’m ready to enjoy life.

Now I’m more aware of my thoughts and have more amazing days than ones that aren’t so good. I tell myself “today will be great” throughout the day. It helps so much. I’m not saying everything will be peaches and cream but changing your mindset was the beginning for me. You are in control!! It’s your life. Try it!! Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

Books I’ve read and currently reading.

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