Louis Vuitton Dupes: Daisy Rose

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This post will be about my Louis Vuitton dupes that I bought to go with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. If you want to see what’s in my bag click here.

Check out my video for more information on my items.

What did I buy?

The two items I bought were a wallet and a key holder/coin purse. I absolutely love them right now and of course I’m getting a lot of use out of the key holder.

$205 vs $20

The authentic Louis Vuitton Key Cles is around $205.00 and I bought my dupe from Walmart.com sis and you can too. It was under $20 and it’s been working for me. The brand is called Daisy Rose and they have other items as well, like a dupe Neverfull, wallet, etc. I also bought the wallet. They are not replicas because it does NOT have Louis Vuitton on it anywhere. It’s just a dupe.

Key pouch with keys out
Check out my video to see how it looks next to the authentic LV Neverfull

If you’re trying to save some coins then I highly suggest the key holder and wallet. I love my key holder because it holds my keys and I get more use of it right now. I don’t take my wallet with me all the time, I carry the pouchette that came with my bag because it’s holds a lot of my essentials like sanitizer, lip gloss, cards, etc.

Check out my video to see how it looks next to the authentic LV Neverfull

Let me know what you think about these two items if you have them or are interested in getting them!

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