I decided to style my hair in Bantu knots after getting inspiration from a presenter at an online /virtual summit
That time I tried Bantu knots on my locs

Hey Jazzy Gang!

I recently attended the Unleash Summit virtually due to everything that’s going on. I was surprised when I checked my email the night before and saw that there were free tickets. I was excited to get the information (a whole lotta gems were dropped). One of the presenters had Bantu knots so I mentioned that I would try the style on my hair. It turned out pretty good! I’m about symmetry so even though I wanted them in difference spots I found it easy to do it the way I did. It even turned into a decent Bantu knot out.

I used to love Bantu knot outs on my loose natural hair so I was super hype about still being able to do them with locs. This really has me wondering why I didn’t loc my hair ages ago! What was I afraid of?! They’re sooo versatile!!

Well let me tell you what I was NOT anticipating…. looking like an older lady with a dooby wrap and it hasn’t really dropped yet. Y’all remember those tight ass curls in the wrap? Haha that’s exactly what I looked like.

After it dropped and I played with it a little, it looked much better to me. More my style, you know.

I love it

So there you have it. My Bantu knot style is actually two styles in one. Let me know if you tried Bantu knots on my natural hair or locs and how your Bantu knot out turned out. I definitely want to know! Drop a comment!