How I Celebrated My 30th Birthday

Welcome to the blog!

It’s my birthday! I’m grateful for another year and all of my experiences! Today I have some things planned and I know it will be a good day.

Birthday Itinerary

First, my boyfriend and I are getting breakfast after we drop Kali off at daycare. Then I’m going to get my makeup done because I just want to take pictures with some balloons lol. Then happy hour and pick up Kali. Finally a drive in movie!


My experience at Sephora was amazing. Alex did my makeup and I was beat! She did skin care too which made a huge difference to me. I definitely need to take care of my skin (and you should too if you don’t). She told me what she was doing while she was doing it, based on my skin type. Plus she helped me pick out some products to buy. I finally have a foundation! It’s been so long since I had one, I’m trying to learn how to do my own make up. You know, feel a little grown and sexy, and put together. Especially since my skin has hyperpigmentation and is different shades.

Happy Hour

Happy hour was fun! I had some tacos and a margarita…and some shots. Just two. I was lit lol. In the middle of the afternoon. I really missed happy hour because I always come home. Definitely need to change some things this year. More fun!

Here is what I looked like after my beat, after happy hour, and after I took some pics with my balloons.

My Hair

I did a perm rod set on my hair and it turned out so pretty. I used to try it as a loose natural and I failed many times. It was so much easier and I loved it. If you want to see how I did it, check out my YouTube video.

Here are some pics:

Best Birthday Ever

My only complaint is that my bra was showing. But oh well at least it’s red. I’m so happy my boyfriend helped make my day special, I really enjoyed it! It’s probably the best birthday I had. Not too much of anything – like liquor and feeling bad the next day.

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