Our Family Trip to Toledo

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We just got back from Toledo, Ohio! We visited my dad’s side of the family for Thanksgiving.

The trip was supposed to take about 10.5 hours but because we had to make multiple-stops (gas, bathroom & food) it took about 12 hours.

We left at 8am on the day before Thanksgiving and arrived at 7pm. The weather was a lot colder in Toledo and on the way we got to see some mountains. We have never been to Toledo so it was quite the experience. The wind was crazy. I’m so thankful that my boyfriend drove the entire way because the wind scared me.

Kali was a trooper! She was chilling in the back the whole time. She whined a little bit but we gave her a Gerber pouch snack and something to drink and she was good. We made stops for food and she ate pretty good.

We packed her favorite toys and she was entertained for the majority of the ride when she was up. Once we hit the 8 hour mark and it got dark, she started fussing. We packed the iPad and I downloaded a movie and some cartoons so I passed her the iPad to watch and give her some light in the back seat.


Packing was insane. I spent too many hours making sure we had EVERYTHING. Kali had more than enough outfits and shoes. I packed medicine, a thermometer, changing clothes, snacks, sippy cups, diapers etc. everything she needed, our would need, I packed.

I also made sure we had the battery pack, charger cords for every device, glasses, hair stuff, clothes and shoes, snacks for us, blankets, etc. nonetheless it took way too long.

It was nice to see some mountains. Any mountains because we’ve never seen any lol.

Overall the trip was much needed! We had a good time.

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