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It’s been a while since I interviewed anyone who has a side hustle, so today I’m going to talk with Keontá from Eloquence Unlimited, LLC. I met Keontá in undergrad and I always admired her work ethic from a distance. Let me explain. Keontá and I served on the National Pan-Hellenic Council for our respective sororities and she had a no-nonsense persona. I personally feel like you need this type of mindset in order to be direct with others and get things done. The fact that she had this in college was amazing.

I’m currently working on this type of mindset (9 years later) and I must say that I am a work in progress. I’m finding it hard to be direct without being rude. Finding that fine line in between is challenging but it is necessary for me.

I wanted to share some background information about Keontá so let’s jump right into it.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina.

Becoming a copy edit or copywriter is a great job if you have a love for grammar and reading. #queenjazzreigns #copyedit #copywriter #how to become a copyeditor in 2019

What is your current job if Eloquence Unlimited, LLC.isn’t your full time job?

I am in pest management and termite warranty sales for the 3rd largest residential pest control company in the nation.

What college did you attendfor undergrad?

I am a proud alumna of Coastal Carolina University.

What was your major?

Biology w/ a Minor in Health Promotion

What is a copywriter/editor?

A copywriter/editor is responsible for creating and revising printed text used for promotional material, websites, emails, correspondences, marketing material and much, much more. Copywriters are considered “salesman in print” for our ability to effectively deliver creatively persuasive content and written text, known as “copy.”

Did your major prep you for role as copywriter/editor in any way?

Not directly. As a biology major, a significant part of my time was spent in labs and study groups so I didn’t spend a lot of time in English courses. However, I did work as a study hall proctor and tutor for student-athletes which allowed me to sharpen my skills as an editor.


Becoming a copy edit or copywriter is a great job if you have a love for grammar and reading. #queenjazzreigns #copyedit #copywriter #how to become a copyeditor in 2019

What inspired you to become a copy editor?

I was inspired to be a copy editor after a good friend, who I used to tutor, asked me for help with revising a post-graduate admissions essay. She was highly impressed with my work and after revising her résumé as well, suggested that I monetize mywriting talents and start a business.

When did you know you wanted to start a copywriting/editing business?

After revising my 3rd résumé and receiving several referrals, I knew that it was time to explore other professional writing services and work on perfecting my craft.

Did you have any help starting your business?

I received sound business advice from a good childhood friend who happened to be a  successful serial entrepreneur. The most pertinent piece of advice he shared with me was no one will hand you the blueprint to starting your dream, so if you want to make something happen do the research yourself and put an action plan in place. I took his advice and ran!

Where is your business located?

Eloquence Unlimited, LLC is based out of Charleston, SC but we provide services to a national client-base.

What is the ultimate goal of your business?

The ultimate goal of Eloquence Unlimited is simply to serve by being an asset & tool in meeting a diverse set of client writing and editing needs, while providing effectively sound written and oral communication solutions.

Would you say that your job is challenging?

Writing, developing content and researching come to me innately. However, the most challenging part of my job is remaining organized and ahead of deadlines, especially when servicing several clients simultaneously.

Do you have anyone who helps you with your business or someone that works for you?

I do not have any employees, yet. However, my mother plays a huge role in my professional decision making, be it setting price quotes or having a second set of editing eyes; she’s definitely my right hand. She’s also worked in the Human Resources industry for over 15 years, so I use her insight a good deal when revising résumés and conducting career coaching.

Becoming a copy edit or copywriter is a great job if you have a love for grammar and reading. #queenjazzreigns #copyedit #copywriter #how to become a copyeditor in 2019

How do you come up with what to say? Have you always been great with words?

Words are my gift and my mother nurtured that in me at a very young age. I was notorious for talking back as a child, I always wanted to express my opinion. Eventually, my mother decided on a new form of punishment by purchasing a full set of children’s encyclopedias and a Word Processor (we couldn’t afford a computer at the time).

She would leave me to pick a topic to read about and type a 2-page paper on. I wasn’t allowed to watch television during the school week growing up, but I did watch a lot of Jeopardy as kid and I used to feel accomplished knowing just one answer – all thanks to the encyclopedias.

Later in life, I used to ask God, “Why can’t I sing or dance?” In my naïve opinion, I believed those to be the only “real” gifts that defined talent. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a knack for talking to virtually anyone and people love to hear me tell stories; words and entertaining through them came so naturally.

Eventually, writing A+ plus papers solely from my opinion became the norm and in retrospect it all started with Jeopardy, children encyclopedias and the Word Processor.

Who is your target audience if you have one?

My target audience are primarily working professionals, students (traditional and non-traditional), business owners, and entrepreneurs.

How did you come up with the name of your business?

I wanted the name of my business to be short, sweet, and descriptive. I started researching what words best describe articulate writing and “eloquent” was perfect! After thinking about how much I wanted to do with my writing and revising skills, no limits came to me repeatedly. I played around with different variations and tenses of both words and Eloquence Unlimited, described my vision for the business perfectly.

Becoming a copy edit or copywriter is a great job if you have a love for grammar and reading. #queenjazzreigns #copyedit #copywriter #how to become a copyeditor in 2019

Where do you see Eloquence Unlimited in 5 years?

In 5 years, Eloquence Unlimited will be a full-service public relations and consulting firm with a physical location in Charleston, SC. Equipped with a multi-talented staff and creative vision, the business will continue to serve the needs of a diverse client base on a much larger scale through an array of consulting, marketing, and content creation services.

Is copy editing something that anyone can do? What are some traits that one should posses in order to be successful in that role?

Copyediting/writing is something that anyone who enjoys reading and writing can do. If those are things that you can do but don’t enjoy doing, it’s best to stick with another route. A successful copyeditor is highly attentive, highly analytical, resourceful and very well read. Knowing a little about a lot helps to keep the creative juices flowing and being an avid reader increases word knowledge and awareness.

How do you find clients?

Most of my clients come from previous client referrals and social media marketing. I’m proud to say that most, if not all, of my clients will return for additional services or refer a friend and/or family member.


So there you have it! Keontá is doing amazing things with her side hustle AND her full time job!! If you’re interested in becoming a copy editor or copywriter, you can check out her advice and make a sound decision.

  1. Do you love reading and writing?
  2. Do you have the gift of putting words together in an eloquent way?
  3. Do you find errors quickly and easily?
  4. Are you able to obtain clients and provide great customer service?

You can also check out this post to find more info on becoming a copyeditor.

I’ve always been good at finding grammatical errors everywhere which is a gift and a curse. I’ve also loved reading and writing since I was young. Copywriting and copyediting would be a good fit for me if I could use those skills and jazz up words in a way that sounds very nice- in an eloquent way if you will.

I would like to thank Keontá for her time and willingness to participate in this interview!

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