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This past weekend I went to Curlfest here in Atlanta. It was lit! There was music, drinks, food trucks, vendors, and of course, HAIR PRODUCTS!!

I absolutely love going to hair shows one reason being….the free samples. I’m just keeping it 100. I decided to pay an extra amount to get a ticket that included a free gift bag full of hair goodies and I wasn’t let down.

I received product samples from many brands that I love and brands that I’ve been wanting to try. I even have samples for companies that I’ve never heard of. I was super surprised to get a full bottle of Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil conditioner.

Other items I received was edge control from Creme of Nature and some samples from their argon oil line that I’ve tried before. I got Aunt Jackie’s products – and I tried them the day after I received them! It was amazing! I have plenty of samples left so I will use those up and then decide if I will invest in the actual products.

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The shampoo specifically stated not to rub vigorously so I gently massaged my scalp. It felt amazing. I rinsed and then followed up with the conditioner. I left it on for about 3 minutes then rinsed. While it was on my hair it tingled like there was some kind of pint present in it. It felt very refreshing. My hair was extremely soft afterwards. It felt like I had deep conditioned my hair. I actually could have used the conditioner as a deep treatment but I needed a hooded dryer and I haven’t replaced mine yet.

I’m definitely doing to use these product samples until I decide if I will buy the full size product.

#curlfest2019 was lit! I received a lot of samples from brands that I love and ones that I wanted to start using. I recently tried Aunt Jackie’s products and I was shook! Why hadn’t I used them before? I’m super happy with the samples because it was time for me to restock some of my faves anyway. #natural4chair #cremeofnature #curlfestatl #naturalhairstyles #browngirlbloggers
Kali was just as exited as I was about the goodies we received

I also received samples from African Pride, Fro Babies, Black Girl Skin, Aveda, Kiss, and more. I was so surprised to receive lashes and eyeliner – I had just trashed my last pair of lashes and had to attend Curlfest bare eyed lol. This was so clutch!

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Also, I had literally just read a post where @naturally_madisen recommended sun screen (Black Girl Skin) and I was shocked to receive the samples which were a good size. I got one for kids (Kali) and a regular one. I love that it was kid friendly. This really made me happy.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and got all my steps in lol. It’s been a while since I got over 10,000. Check out me and Kali. Kali was serving honey!

Me and my daughter Kali enjoying ourselves at Curfest 2019 in Atlanta GA! #curlfest #naturalhair #natural4chair #blackbabies #frobabies
Look at Kali serving lol


Have you ever been to a hair event? What about #Curlfest? Did you recognize any of the products via the photo of the samples, which is your favorite and why?! Let me know in the comments below!





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