Natural Hair Update!

Hey Royals!

This post is to show you the progress my hair has made. Ive been rocking protective styles for the majority of the summer. Recently, I created a wig (find out how I made it) and wore that for about three weeks.

After the wig, I put my hair in next another protective style, mini twists. I used my usual products to wash, deep condition, and moisturize. Check them out in this post.

I love mini twists! It’s a great protective style for any season. It’s very low maintenance and I can get up and go!
I enjoyed the beach!

I’ve had this style for two weeks. It is a low maintenance protective style and all I had to do was make sure my hair was moisturized and that my scalp was oiled. It took me three hours to do all of the twists.

Here’s an unofficial length check of the front and sides.

I love mini twists!

How is your hair styled right now?


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