My July Protective Style – I Made My Own Wig

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I finally got around to making my wig using the bundles that I won from Inches of Envy’s giveaway! I was so excited once I bought a closure because I could finally begin the wig making process. Let me tell you, it was a just that….a process! I was all over the place. Let’s begin by prepping your natural hair.

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First, you should wash and deep condition your hair. If you’d like to know the products I absolutely love for my natural hair click here. If you are natural and prefer to braid your hair down, you may want to stretch your hair. I started off with 6 braids and then braided my hair over into 10 braids so the wig would lay flatter. I moisturize my hair and oil my scalp as needed and I’ve been wearing this wig for about 2 weeks.

Are you a new naturalista and want tips on how to care for your natural hair?

Let’s go ahead and jump into the details, I’ll bet you’ll laugh at me.

What I used to make the wig:

  1. Dome cap (x-large)
  2. Wig cap
  3. Needle
  4. Thread
  5. T pins
  6. Mannequin head or canvas wig head w/stand
  7. Closure
  8. Bundles

Optional Supplies

  1. Adore hair color
  2. . Box dye
  3. Cheap tub to dye the hair – water color method ( I used one from the Dollar Tree)
  4. Bleach and developer (I used 30 volume)
  5. Neutralizing shampoo (I bought Shimmer Lights)
  1. Style Factor Edge Booster Pomade
  1. Elastic band

Begin the Process

I bought a 4×4 closure from the beauty supply store. Nothing super expensive. I just had to make sure it matched the texture hair I received. I paid around $40 for it. I knew I had thread and needles at home so I picked up a dome wig cap and some edge control (Edge Booster), and a mannequin head. I already had stocking caps from a wig I previously purchased.

Sewing down the closure

I started constructing the wig by putting the dome cap on the mannequin head. Then I placed the closure on top of it and made sure it was laying flat and then I secured it by using the t-pins.

You want to make sure the closure comes over the front of the dome cap just a little bit. Then I was ready to see the sides of the closure down first, then the back. I struggled! I need to invest in a stand or a clamp for my mannequin head and I’m probably going to get this one here since it’s super cheap.

Dying the bundles and closure

This time around I dyed my hair first using the water color method. Initially I was going to wait until the wig was constructed to do it. But since I had to start over, I decided I would take my time and do things in order.

The hair was a natural color and I like black hair so I bought 2 containers of Adore hair color in black (120). Dying the hair relatively easy using the water color method but my closure didn’t take the color as well. I ended up using box dye for the closure and applying it using a applicator brush.

To do the water color method I boiled water in a large pot on the stove. Then I added the water to a bin that I bought from the dollar store and then added the two Adore containers to it. I mixed the color by using a plastic spoon since that’s all we had at the time.

Then I added the bundles and let them sit for a few minutes. I check led the hair and then washed each bundle using the Shimmer Lights shampoo and then conditioned it with a conditioner I had on hand. I laid it down on a towel to let to dry and moved on the next bundle.

Bleaching the knots

I also tried to bleach my knots. If you don’t know what you’re doing, seek help! You don’t want to jack up your closure like me and then walk around looking crazy. My knots are over processed in some areas and it just doesn’t look the best.

I mixed the developer and bleach until it was super thick and not runny. I applied it to the closure and laid it on aluminum foil. Then i added a layer of aluminum foil to the top and folded the edges over lightly. I left the bleach on for about 30 minutes which was my downfall. I checked after 10, 20, and 25 minutes but I couldn’t tell if anything was happening lol. I washed the closure using the Shimmer Lights shampoo, conditioned it, and let it dry with the bundles.

To fix the closure I may buy the Sally Hansen air brush spray that some people use to make their closures look like the knots are bleached. Another alternative is to use foundation. I also may add some hair dye to the strands of hair that is bleached.

Sewing the bundles

I started by measuring the amount of hair I would need from one end of the closure to the opposite end. I sewed a piece around so that if the wind blew you wouldn’t see the wefts in the front. I was careful this time around and didn’t sew through the elastic.

I decided not to cut my wefts until I got to the top so I used the fold over method. Once I finished my wig I was happy!

The first time around, I couldn’t get it on. Do you know how frustrating this was? I tried cutting slits and holes in the cap and everything. I had to start over!! Fu#k!

Here are the lessons that I learned:


So the second time around I was happy with my results. The cap is still snug and slides back a little but bobby pins and adding an elastic band helped.

I’m not a professional and technically I didn’t pay a lot of money to do this so I felt better about experimenting. Here is the final result.

I decided to make my own wig for the first time in a while. This is my first time ever using a closure and dying hair using the water color method. It was a process and my results are okay. I still have a lot of practice to do but it felt good. As long as you have the materials and the time I would definitely recommend making your own wig. Check out more details about how I constructed this wig on my blog.

What do you think? Have you made a wig before? Did you struggle or are you a vet in the wig constructing game? What tips do you have? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Not making a wig anytime soon (or ever) but thanks for sharing this process, you make it seem so easy!


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