The Female Bosses Behind Inches of Envy

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I have been struggling with hairstyles lately. More like I’ve been indecisive. I’ve been wanting weave but I haven’t been able to choose a style. I’ve also been wanting to purchases bundles and either get a sew in or make a wig, but I have yet to buy some bundles. You know daycare isn’t going to pay itself lol. Life is full of prioritizing these days! Don’t you just love adulting?!

Last week I walked into a beauty supply store to look at their wigs and hair that they had. I live on the opposite side of town now so I wanted to see what their stores look like as well as their prices. I had heard it was a lot cheaper on this side…and man they weren’t lying! I literally walked out with eyelashes and some concealer though, because I still couldn’t make a decision.

That same day, I was bummed about not winning a natural hair product giveaway that I wanted. I also walked out the hair store without a hair style in mind so it was back to square one…

Later that day one of my sisters hit me up saying I won some bundles!! I had totally forgotten about another giveaway that I had entered. I’m super stoked about getting the hair and wearing them! But before I tell you guys how much I love the hair, I wanted to talk about the company and introduce you to the two boss females behind the company. I reached out to them and asked to interview them!

So this company – Inches of Envy was founded by two ladies! And y’all know I love talking to millennial female bosses! If you want to read more about female bosses that I personally know, check out my Bossed Up series where I featured Rachel Gibbs, Tabitha James, and Michelle Wilson.

Let’s jump right into it!

What is the relationship between you two? 

We are sisters.

What do you know about purchasing bundles? Do you need some bundles? Check out Inches of Envy right now to find the perfect bundles for your next protective style. They provide raw Brazilian and Vietnamese hair in straight, body wave, deep wave, and kincky curly textues. Be envied! Check them out now at
Sisters, Jazmine and Krystal

What was the inspiration for Inches of Envy? Did something happen to make you both decide that you wanted to start a hair line?

Jazmine – I always had a love for hair extensions.  It started when I was in high school and then continued during college.  I found that when I would purchase hair from different companies, it would be like playing Russian roulette when it came to the hair quality. So I began doing research and ultimately decided to sell my own hair.

Krystal – As for me, I was more of a novice to the hair extension world.  I would keep it simple if I wore extensions, but never strayed away from the same simple sew-in that I occasionally wore because I didn’t know much about them.  Jazz was my go to for hair questions.  She told me about her idea of starting a hair extension line and I thought it was a great idea.  We then decided to start the line together.

Where are you two from? Currently reside?

We are from Columbia, SC and currently reside in Charlotte, NC.

Do you call yourselves owners or CEOs? I know some people just call themselves managers of their company. 

We actually say both. Jazmine is the Co-Owner, CEO and Krystal is the Co-Owner, COO

Is this your only job or is it a side hustle that you wish to turn into your full-time job? 

Inches of Envy is our side hustle, but we hope it will one day be our full-time job or at least contribute as one of our “7 avenues of income”.

Did you both go to school, if so what did you major in? Are you in the field of work ( if Inches of Envy isn’t your full time job now).

Jazmine – Yes , I attended Coastal Carolina University where I majored in Exercise Sports Science.  I then went on to graduate school at Webster University where I received a Masters in Health Administration (MHA).  I am currently working in my field as a Clinical Appeals specialist.

Krystal –  Yes, I attended Winthrop University where I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Service Management.  I then attended graduate school at Webster University where I received a Dual Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Health Administration (MHA).  I currently work in my field as a Business Support Lead for the corporate office of a large financial institution.

Where did the name Inches of Envy come from? How long did the name process take? 

We came up with Inches of Envy after about a month of throwing out different names and switching around words.

How did you learn about hair/bundles enough to be able to sell it?

Research and testing out different hair vendors. We would purchase the hair from vendors, wear it, wash it, curl it, dye it,  straighten it, and anything else under the sun.

Did you receive a lot of support from family and friends? 

Yes, we have an amazing support system. Our husbands, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends are always encouraging and pushing us to keep going.

How long did it take to launch Inches of Envy?

Which launch? Lol It took about two years and some change to get to where we are now. Our initial launch was in January of 2017.  We kind of jumped out there before we were ready.

Then life happened. Krystal got married in April 2017 and Jazmine got married in September 2017. So, 2017 and 2018 became a year of marriage preparations, addition to the family, home ownership, and new job opportunities and we realized we didn’t have the time to fully commit to Inches of Envy that it needed in order to be successful.

We were still doing research and testing out hair products from different vendors during that time. We decided to re-launch on February 1st, 2019 when we realized yet again, we needed just a little more time. We then officially launched May 18th, 2019. We wanted to ensure that our customers received an exceptional experience with us.

Our goal is to empower the customer through our education and transparency.

Where do you see Inches of Envy in 1 year and 5 years from now?

We have some ideas in the works now. So, within 1 year we see ourselves continuing to provide education to our audience and becoming the go to hair company for inquiries and purchases. On course for making Inches of Envy our full-time job. By our fifth year, we hope to have multiple physical locations.

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to start their own business?

Do your research within your industry and learn how to become a marketer! One of the most influential people in the hair industry gave the best advice that we currently use in our day to day…“The best marketer wins.” We learned that anyone can sell a product, but marketing is the best way to advertise.

Any additional tips/comments/fun facts that you want to add?

Have fun and make sure you enjoy any business venture that you start.

Fun fact: We like to learn the new dance challenges when they come out. We are working on the “Before I Let Go” challenge. We love to have good time and our friends would probably say we are goofy.


I really would like to thank you both for allowing me to interview you and also for choosing me as the giveaway winner! It was my first time winning anything in a giveaway, and I’m thankful that I can save some of my coins and that I didn’t buy anything in the hair store that day!

Sis, even if I didn’t win the giveaway I would still buy hair from Inches of Envy. They have bundles that start as low as $55! They sell raw Brazilian and Vietnamese bundles, frontals, closures, and clip-ins in various textures like straight, body wave, deep wave, and kinky curly.  They also provide hair care tips on their Instagram page and website!!

Check them out at go ahead and get your bundles! I’m heading over ASAP so that I can get a closure or frontal for these bundles! Ya girl gone be looking cute okay! Andd I bought those lashes so  “can’t nobody tell me nothing!”

Catch you next time but until then follow me on social media and sign up to join the Royal Family, you’ll probably see how the wig turns out first!



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