My Favorite Spring Protective Style- Marley Twists

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As I mentioned in my previous post last week (Hair Paint Wax), I’m ready for a protective style. That’s why I couldn’t wait to install my Marley twists! Marley twists are one of my favorite hair styles (read about my favorites here). It’s convenient and low maintenance.

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Last week I tried the red Hair Paint Wax and I kept that in my hair for almost a week before I washed it out. I used a clarifying shampoo and my favorite deep conditioner by Shea Moisture that never fails to make my hair soft and easy to detangle.

The color washed out easily and my black hair actually looks darker, unless it’s my imagination. I prepped my hair for the Marley twist the night before I installed them. I started by damping my hair with warm water, adding a leave in conditioner, and then applying my curl enhancing smoothie, followed by Jamaican black castor oil. I detangled and put my hair in twists. The next morning I took them out and went to the hair store.

Hair for Marley twist


I decided to stick with the reddish color that I had when I tried the Hair Paint Wax, even though I washed the color out.

I bought 7 packs of hair. I tried to get away with 6 but I had a little section in the crown that was left and I didn’t have enough black hair. In total, I bought 3 packs of black (1B), 2 packs of burgundy (burg), and 2 packs of black hair mixed with burgundy (1B/burg). I spent about $50 to achieve this style.

The Marley hair I bought wasn’t like the hair that I usually use. It was less of the Marley rough texture and more so soft, straight hair with a little bit of texture. It was soft! I don’t know if it’s the color that make the texture change or if they’ve changed the hair altogether.

I also tried some new edge control, just to see if it would work…..issa no sis. My edges (now that they’re back) are still unruly and disrespectful lol). They laid down for 10 minutes before trying to revert. They kept some hold and didn’t fully revert so I’m not mad. Strong hold my ass…

Here’s a picture of how it looks close up.


I absolutely love to rock my marley twist as a protective style for my natural 4c hair. Head over to my blog to read more about it.


This style took me longer than I expected which I should probably get used to. I started around 11:30am Saturday and finished up after 5. I started and stopped a lot because I had to make sure Kali was good.

I used the invisible root method which I love! This method makes the hair extensions look as if it’s coming straight out of your scalp. You start by separating your hair into two sections. Then you add the extension hair to each piece of your hair that you just separated so that you have two separate pieces. Once that’s done you twist each section individually so that it becomes taught but not too tight. After that you can begin twisting. You want to be sure you are twisting the separate pieces while you are doing the two strand twist if you want it to stay twisted.


So now that we are in the spring months, what do you plan to do with your natural hair? Are you going to do a protective style or rock the ‘fro? Let me know in the comments below!

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