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Welcome to the Bossed Up series! In this series I will be featuring my friends that have started their own businesses and are transforming the lives of others!

I will be asking each of my guests questions about their past and getting them to spill the tea on how they learned about personal finance/financial literacy, how and why they started their business, and much more.

Today I’m featuring another one of my sorority sisters, Tabitha. (I previously featured Anna, you can read that post here. Tabitha and I met at Coastal Carolina University during undergrad. I had heard about her and of course saw her in passing h before I formally met her. Once we were in the sorority, we got to know each other a little better and we created a bond. I’m so grateful to have met her and I absolute love what she is doing in her community.

Tabitha has provided great tips for those of you who want to level up and become your own boss. Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to know Tabitha.

What did you learn about money growing up? Did you learn about debt, wealth, or passive income? Today I’m chatting with Tabitha D. James and getting the tea on why and how she created her business 1 Am She, LLC. Head over to my blog now to read about it.

About Tabitha

Tabitha D. James is a multi-level business professional who has committed her life to serving others. She has a true passion for connecting people-to-people and empowering others to find and fulfill their passion holistically. She lives in Lake View, South Carolina with her amazing mother and labels herself the “Creative Caretaker”. You can learn more about her personally or professionally by connecting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or by visiting

Did your family teach you about wealth, financial literacy, and multiple streams of income? If not, when and how did you learn?

My family (especially my mom) did a really good job of teaching me the basics of financial literacy, credit, saving and living within your means. I was introduced to money and how to manage it very young, from playing games to helping with balancing the check book(s) and paying bills, my mom made sure I was aware of how money worked and how to be fiscally responsible.

As it relates to wealth and multiple streams of income, I took it upon myself to learn about it beginning in my late teens and early twenties. I wanted to know more about how to become wealthy and create a limitless life. From reading to attending events and asking questions, I become a student of financial wellness and success. I somehow new “normal” wasn’t in my future!

What did you learn about money growing up? Did you learn about debt, wealth, or passive income? Today I’m chatting with Tabitha D. James and getting the tea on why and how she created her business 1 Am She, LLC. Head over to my blog now to read about it.

Are you willing to share how many streams of income you have? What made you want to create multiple streams? 

I currently have 4 active streams of income. I always laugh because I feel like I accidently created multiple streams of income before I even knew it was a thing. I have been a “side-hustler” at heart since middle school so that trait has morphed and grown over the years. As an adult, I have always had something going on aside from my full-time job or primary business. Today, as I am working to pivot and evolve my main business and become 100% debt free, I have paused some activities with hopes to resume in later years.

The current streams include a combination of active and passive income.

What’s the name of your business? What promoted you to start your business? How did you create it, who did you reach out to for help (if applicable)? Why is it important to you?

The current name of my business is 1 Am S.H.E., LLC. Speaking and writing were both mere pastimes for me six years ago shortly after undergrad, I never knew I could create revenue, help others or anything that I’m doing now. I feel like what I have currently and what is to come is pure destiny because I had no idea it was coming. After completing my graduate degree, I began taking speaking and writing a little more seriously while also working full-time in higher education. This later sprouted into me helping others develop strategies for launching and/or enhancing their businesses. In 2016, 1 Am S.H.E. became a “real thing” and I had no idea what I was doing but by leaning on what I learned in school, researching and asking more seasoned business owners for help, things began to take shape. Today, my business looks almost completely different than it did three years ago and I’m sure three years from now it will look different than today. I am in the process now of shifting, name changing and innovating processes.

What did you learn about money growing up? Did you learn about debt, wealth, or passive income? Today I’m chatting with Tabitha D. James and getting the tea on why and how she created her business 1 Am She, LLC. Head over to my blog now to read about it.

1 Am S.H.E. is important to me because it’s bigger than me, the brand represents all the women we serve and all the women we empower to go for their dreams despite their past traumas. It is also the “parent company” for my youth mentoring organization S.H.E. is Me. It’s my baby; the thing that took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to ask countless questions, represent something I built and sacrifice myself, my finances, my time and energy. As things shift and elevate, I am walking into the unknown yet again however I am walking rooted in the experiences, opportunities and teachings of the past three years.

What is the title of your book, podcast, blog, etc. (some details if you want to share) and where can it be purchased/accessed?

I am the author of the Not. Posted Series comprised of two memoirs, S.E.A.S.O.N.S. of the Untold and L.I.V.I.N.G. Your Truth, both centered around helping others expand their thoughts as it relates to mindset, life’s challenges and overcoming past traumas. These can be found in the S.H.E. Shop online or via Amazon.

Though not as much as I wish I could, I still blog from time to time, my entries can be found in the S.H.E. Blog. I also guest write for a few bloggers each year.

The S.H.E. Thought She Could Podcast is an authentic way to connect with me through segments focusing on business, self-care and just good ol’ life. From time to time I bring on some awesome guests who have tips, advice and greats stories for women to “ahhhh” relate. One can listen and subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play Music or Soundcloud.

What did you learn about money growing up? Did you learn about debt, wealth, or passive income? Today I’m chatting with Tabitha D. James and getting the tea on why and how she created her business 1 Am She, LLC. Head over to my blog now to read about it.

What’s your end goal? Do you want to just help your community, build wealth, retire early/non-traditionally, etc.?

ALLLL of the above! I cannot say I have an “end goal”, for as long as I live, I want to evolve personally while motivating and inspiring others to do the same. I know that “what I do” will change shape many times over the years, so I am simply and naively trusting the process. It is my hope that the things I manifest will create financial freedom and holistic wealth for myself and generations to come. Not to get too spiritual but it is my daily prayer to be the inspiration that ignites greatness in the lives of others until I am called to my final resting place.

What’s a tip that you would give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? What do you know now that you wished you knew when creating your business or organization? 

Just one LOL, I have 500 but I’ll keep it short – I would tell someone who wants to follow in my footsteps to put there head down and get to work. Don’t stroll on social media comparing yourself to others, don’t think you’re behind or out of alignment, just DO YOU!

If you’re working on your dream but feel like the demands of life, your job, your spouse, your family or anything else is in your way . . . DON’T ALLOW IT TO MAKE YOU GIVE UP! Become the CEO of your life and schedule time daily to work on your dreams, some days it may be 10 minutes and other days it may be 2 to 10 hours but don’t cheat yourself. Consistency compounds! You will reap the benefits of the seeds you sow!

I wish I knew more about podcasts. In 12 months, I have transformed my entire business and personal life by listening to podcasts and learning from some great leaders in my respective industries. Prior to listening to podcasts I would do a lot of web searching and listening to YouTube videos sporadically however now I am learning things for my business daily. I am fully committed. When I am not listening to something for my business, I am listening to something for my personal wellness or to enhance my knowledge for a client or community project.

Any additional information you want to provide is welcomed. My goal is to reach out to my audience who may not know black people or anyone who has successful organizations that are helping the community and/or making money outside of the normal 9-5 working for someone else. 

I want to end my saying, research, research, research. Often, what you want and/or need is right on the other side of a google search or an email to an old college friend. There is nothing new under sun, though your idea may be different because it has your touch, most of the time you are doing something someone else has already done. Capitalize on that, don’t recreate the wheel and don’t feel like you’re a copycat. Checkout the chip isle at your local grocery store, so many different styles, brands, flavors, all suited for different people and their personal preferences.


Tabitha is doing the damn thing! I’m super proud of her and glad to have her as a resource in regards to my financial freedom journey and creating multiple streams of income. I’m happy for her and genuinely wish her the best in everything she does.

Stay tuned – we also recorded the call and soon you will be able to listen to it on my podcast. In the meantime, stay motivated, and take the necessary steps to execute your goals!

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Do you have your own business? Did you learn about money growing up? Let me know in the comments below.

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