How I Save My Coins by Shopping at Aldi

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Did you know that I had never heard of Aldi before I moved to Atlanta? And for the past 4 years I passed it by every time I went to Wal-Mart. This year I finally went inside to see what it was all about. I always wondered why it was in a plaza and not a stand alone store. When I walked in, I was very surprised by the layout.

I just began shopping at Aldi and I was extremely surprised at the amount of money I was saving compared to where I usually shop. On 8 items I saved about $14. Plus some of the items I bought from Aldi actually taste better. This opened my eyes to ways that I can save monthly and now I can budget my money differently, save, or invest the amount that I’m saving. Head over to my blog to read about the items that I love to buy from Aldi.

My first initial thought was, “This store is super small.” Then I started looking at the prices, and realized that I should have been shopping here years ago. The other day I spent $58 on 32 items and then went to Walmart and bought 8 items for $50! That’s one of the many reasons why I hate Walmart lol – I have a whole list of reasons.

I’ve only been shopping at Aldi for about a month so I haven’t tried a lot of their foods, but here are the things I love so far and will continue to repurchase.


Oh. My. Goodness! We buy the Specialty brand salsa and it tastes so good! I feel like I’m at a Mexican restaurant. It’s like I can taste every single ingredient. I paid $1.99 for 16 ounces versus a 15.5 ounce container of Tostitos Medium Restaurant Style salsa from Walmart at $3.48.

Savings: $1.49

Tortilla and potato chips

Aldi’s tortilla chips pair perfectly with their salsa. I paid $0.89 for a bag of tortilla chips. Can you even buy a small bag of Cheetos for less than $1.00 these days? The cheapest bag of tortilla chips that I know of is the Santitas brand for $2.00 and in my opinion they are very salty. The tortilla chips from Aldi ge the job done.

Savings: $1.11

The potato chips are similar to the tortilla chips. I can get bags of chips for about $0.89 to $1.79 (regular chips or salt and vinegar). This beats Lays potato chips at $2.98 for a 10 ounce bag or $3.98 for a 15.25 ounce bag.

One thing I did notice is that the sour cream and cheddar alternative at Aldi’s does taste slightly different than Lays or Ruffles. This is to be expected.

Savings: $2.19 to $3.09

Maximum possible savings: $4.20

Pasta sauce

I use their pasta sauce for my spaghetti. When we first tried it I was simply amazed! Similar to the salsa, I could taste the ingredients! I paid $0.89 for a 24oz can. This price can be compared to Walmart’s Great Value brand of $0.88. But I’ve never used the GV version. I used to buy Prego pasta sauce for $1.88.

Savings: $0.99


In my opinion, bread is bread. I like wheat bread and Aldi’s sells wheat bread. To me, it’s that simple. I paid $1.29 for a loaf of wheat bread when I usually pay $2.88 for Nature’s Own wheat bread in Walmart. Bread doesn’t last much at our place because I love making sandwiches or eating toast – I know, I know, bread is carbs, at least I’m eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread right?

Savings: $1.59

Peanut butter

I absolutely love peanut butter. I eat it on my apples, my toast, my waffles. I can eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at any time of the day. I bought a 40oz container of peanut butter for $2.49 when I would’ve spent $5.48 for the same size of Jif peanut butter. Plus Peanut Delight Creamy Peanut Butter has less than 7 ingredients! Jif has Mono- and diglycerides which aren’t the best ingredients to consume.

Savings: $2.99

Old Fashioned Oats

I love oatmeal and I now I prefer to make it on my own instead of buying instant oatmeal. I also like making a snack made out of peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and honey. So I purchase a huge canister of old fashioned oats. I paid $2.39 at Aldi and I would’ve paid $3.24 at Walmart for Quaker Oats.

Savings: $0.85

Lactose free 2% milk

Similar to bread, milk is milk right? I thought it was so I buy my milk from Aldi. We use lactose free 2% milk and pay $2.79 for a half gallon. If I bought it from Walmart we would’ve spent $3.88 on the Lactaid brand.

Savings: $1.09


What I noticed is that I am brand specific when I shop at Walmart. This explains why I am spending more. For whatever reason, I feel better shopping at Aldi. There aren’t super long lines and I can easily get assistance if needed. On this particular trip I saved: $13.20 for these specific groceries. If I bought meat from Aldi then there’s obviously a 50/50 chance that I’d save money on those.

Items that had comparable prices when I went were:

Cheese – Kraft singles (24 slices) $0.10 difference

Eggs $0.98

Canned vegetables and beans $0.49- $0.89


You have to pay $0.25 to use s cart unless you catch someone returning there’s. The last few times I went, I let others use my cart and they were adamant about giving me their quarter. I never accepted it of course.

For your bags or bring a box to carry your groceries out or put them in your vehicle without anything. It’s similar to how you would do at Costco, they do not bag your items. I’m not going to lie, this was challenging. I bought two of their plastic page for $0.10 a piece and I brought a box with me but it wasn’t enough. My goal for next time is m to learn how many boxes I will need when I go grocery shopping because I didn’t have enough but I made it work.

Hopefully you can check out Aldi if you have one near you so that we can talk about what items you enjoy. Do you shop at Aldi? Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

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