The real deal – life with baby

I want to discuss the “real” life thangs that happen in our home. I know for a fact that people on social media only show the good portion of their lives. I rarely see the lows or the not so good times. I want to let you all in on the secrets that aren’t really secrets, you know, the things that people who newborns don’t tell you.

You may see pictures of their baby playing on a mat in a clean nursery or living room. They may show you a clean and organized desk with a nice MacBook, cute gold staplers and accessories, pens and planners.

What you don’t see is an unmade bed, the clothes in the basket that remain unfolded. Dirty clothes waiting to be washed. Dishes in the sink. Baby toys and parents’ items scattered about the place. Life with a new baby isn’t easy! In fact I’m struggling to keep a clean home! It’s so frustrating to clean up one day to have it messy the next.

But you learn to accept or drive yourself crazy trying to keep up. Burn out is not cute. I’ve found that creating a cleaning schedule is best. But you will have to decide what’s best for you and your family.

Maybe try starting off with cleaning up at a specific time of the day. Maybe 6pm is when you decide to tidy up. Maybe it’s while the baby is napping (but you could be limited to noise). All in all, trial and error and time will help you figure it all out.


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