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Today I’m delivering a feature post and guess what?! It’s featuring my bomb ass Soror, Anna! Anna and I went to the same university and joined the same sorority. She’s definitely one of the sweetest people I know and she’s very intelligent.

Anna was dope enough to let me feature her and ask her a few questions about her natural hair.

If you’re on Pinterest then you may have saw her old tapered cut a while back which was very cute!

My sorority sister Anna’s dope tapered cut.
Anna’s dope tapered cut

She recently did a big chop and y’all…I’m here for it! Do you remember when I said I shaved my hair off twice? Well this is why! It’s so brave and edgy in my opinion. Doesn’t Anna look so confident?

My amazing sorority sister Anna, rocking her new haircut. She’s dope and her haircut is so bold! Don’t you love a low cut? It makes me consider shaving my hair off for a third time
Anna rocking her new haircut!
Here’s a photo of my sorority sister Anna. She recently did a big chop and let me tell you, it’s dope sis. She looks so good with this haircut and you can see the confidence all over her face.
Anna exuding confidence

I love her cut and it’s significance. Here’s the caption she wrote on Instagram about it.

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This is right up my alley since I’m breaking out of my shell- I’m not even sure when I crawled back in it.

Big chops signify a lot of things for different people. For her, it signified letting go and starting fresh!

You guys know I wouldn’t be doing me if I didn’t show you Anna’s hair before she cut it and how Anna protected her lovely curls. Check her out in some twists – one of my favorite protective styles – and rocking her curls in its natural state. Isn’t she beautiful?!

My sorority sister Anna sporting her fro in London! Her curls stay popping!
Anna sporting her fro in Westminster!
Anna wearing Senegalese twist as a protective style
Anna wearing Senegalese twist as a protective style
My girl Anna has her curls popping!
Anna rocking her hair in its natural curly state with a pop of color on her lips.


Questions for Anna:

Do you feel attached to your hair?

“At this stage in my life I’m not attached to it. I think for a very long time I was attached to what people thought of me with the styles I chose. It was also, for a while, a safety net that trapped me in this box of “Your hair is what makes you pretty”. Since I am comfortable with this cut, it makes me feel like the need to have more hair is not as important as I once made it.”

What made you do it?

“I’ve been in a very big season in my life where there have been a lot of changes, reflections, growth, loss, and love. Currently in this season I feel good and am making more “treat yo’ self” decisions. If I want to go overseas I’m going overseas & if I dream about cutting my hair I’m cutting it! I think it was a decision that aligned with a more deliberately lived lifestyle. This decision for me though is during a time where I feel very confident in myself and have been blooming a lot more into the person I want to be! About 3 years ago I cut my hair down to about 2-3 inches after a break up. This was on the brink of what was probably the most depressing period of time for me, and I didn’t appreciate it because I only did it off of emotion. This time around, I did it genuinely because I wanted to. After I cut it, I immediately loved it and I think that was largely because I already learned to love myself.”

Do you have any hair goals this year?

“Girl, this is a versatile year! I plan on playing around with many short haircuts. I would really like to try more designs, undercuts, colors, and a little curl action on the top. The three colors I would really like to try out are blue, pink, and white. A huge goal for me will also be loving my hair and feeding it more organic products. I think a lot of what I used before were harsh and would dry my hair out.”

All I can is wow! I want to thank Anna for taking the time to answer my questions, allowing me to use her pictures, and talk about her new haircut.


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