I tried Spring Twist as a Protective Style

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Winter is almost here and I’ll be honest, it’s already really cold in Georgia (in my opinion). I’m not a northerner nor have I ever experienced a lot of snow, but it’s not even December yet and the temperature is in the 40’s and 30’s. That’s cold enough for me. If you’re natural like me, you’ll find that it’s best to make sure your hair is protected in these types of conditions in order to maintain healthy hair and prevent any unnecessary breakage. This is where protective styling comes into the equation.

Please note that I am not a licensed cosmetologist. What works for my hair may not work for yours.

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Protective Styles

Lately my favorite protective style has been twists, Marley twist to be exact. While I was pregnant I didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing anything other than twists, especially in my third trimester. I barely wanted to do my hair at all. Now that my baby girl is going on two months, I can obviously deal with standing up for long periods of time again. I just have to take more frequent breaks to make sure she’s fed, pamper changed, tummy time, etc – to be a mom. I’m currently wearing spring twists that I installed myself. To make the style quicker and last a little longer I crocheted the twist in the middle of my head and did individual twists around the perimeter. I’m actually due for some touch ups since they have been installed for about three weeks now.

It’s important (probably the most important part) to maintain moisture in your hair even though your hair is in a protective style. I usually fill a spray bottle with some warm water mixed with a leave in conditioner and spray my hair up and down the length of the twists. Then I finish up by oiling my scalp. See below for a picture of my current style.

I used three packs of hair to achieve this style and spent about $35. You can click here to go straight to the website. You can also buy the hair from *Amazon. Amazon has a great deal on this hair, they provide you with three bundles (packs) for only abut $24! That’s almost $10 cheaper! This style took me about 10 hours to complete. I had to braid the area in the middle to prepare it for crocheting. I then started to do the edges. Once I finished one of the sides I realized I was twisting the hair in the wrong direction. This hair has to be twisted in the right direction in order to look like a spring twist, otherwise it will look like a fuzzy Senegalese twist. I had to twist the strands counter clockwise to get the “springy” look. Then I had to go back and fix the entire side and then proceed with the rest of my head.

I plan on keeping this style installed until the end of the year. This is doable if the style is taken care of. For example, I wear a satin scarf at night and try to keep my hair as moisturized as possible. One thing I’ve noticed about this hair and it’s probably the only down side, is that the hair becomes matted and tangled. This causes separation and styling to be a little annoying. Other than that I like the hair and I’m enjoying the style. It may become my new go to style and I may try to make them longer next time.

Do you have natural hair? Do you like to use protective styles in the colder months? Have you tried spring twists? I’d love to hear about your hair care in the winter months. Leave a comment below!

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