Welcoming Baby Kali!

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Kali’s here

Oh my goodness! We have a newborn and she totally stole my heart! I delivered my baby girl, Kali, on October 9, 2018. She was delivered via c-section and I was so scared. I remember my water breaking at 11:45pm Sunday, October 7, 2018 and wanting to stay in the bathroom so that I wouldn’t feel the fluid running down my legs. My boyfriend and I headed to the hospital and we got settled, both of us not knowing what to expect. The contractions started and what an experience that was! I dealt with them as best as I could my best but once I got tired of dealing with the pain, I asked for an epidural. It felt like they wore off so quick!

It seemed to be taking so long for my cervix to dilate so they gave me medicine to help soften it. (I can’t remember what it was called). By Tuesday morning I was only at 7 cm and it seemed like I stayed at 7 cm all day. My labor wasn’t progressing and I was tired and frustrated, so my doctor recommended a c-section. Of course I agreed since I didn’t know if my body probably would even make it to 10cm plus man I was ready to meet my baby.

C- Section

My c-section… was absolute hell. I remember being told that I would feel pressure but I felt pressure and extreme pain despite the medicine. I clearly didn’t have enough, and I felt better (pain wise) after more medicine kicked in. Even though the pain was gone, I could feel so much pulling. I cried! Stitching me back together was the worst, oh my goodness! I’ve never wanted to fight someone (in this case it was everyone working in the room) so badly. Over those two days I realized how much pain I could tolerate without going crazy.

All of the pain was so worth it. Kali is so precious and I’m not just saying that since she’s my child. Her personality is so funny and her smile is to die for. She holds her pacifier and bottle in the cutest way (she’s been doing that since we were in the hospital). She’s also getting better with holding up her head.

5 weeks later

Now Kali is one month old, 5 weeks to be exact! Time has flown by and we are noticing changes. Kali has gotten heavier and her appetite has increased (mine has too). At her last appointment we found out she gained 1 pound 11 ounces and grew 2 inches. She is following things with her eyes and she absolutely hates tummy time. Having a baby is a life changing event and I’m so grateful for my little one. I love my baby so much and I hope she doesn’t grow up too fast. For now I’m snapping as much pictures as I can, and capturing moments via video.

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