April 2018 Goal Update

Welcome back to the blog!

I hope you all are doing great! Another month has passed and things are looking up! I have a couple of updates that I’d love to share with you all, so let’s jump right into it!

New Job

I found a new job! My current position has the same standard title as my previous position but it is probably 10 times better! I went from a small organization to a huge one that is known worldwide. I’m so grateful to be an employee here and I have heard it’s hard to get in (I applied and interviewed more than once). This company also looks good on your resume. It’s probably not as good a the Big Four if you’re an accountant, but it’s just as good if you’re not interested or it currently working in public accounting ( my opinion). I’ve been here for about a month and there’s so much to learn.

This position will allow me to save more whether it’s through a 401k, ( I didn’t bother contributing at my last job because I knew I wasn’t going to stay. Plus I didn’t get the 4-1-1 on the particular type of retirement account my previous job had, so yeah, I missed out on free money). I also have a higher income, and I’m paying less for benefits. I receive a discount on my phone bill which also saves me money. I’m eligible for an HSA account because of the type of medical plan I have and I was surprised when I found out that the company contributes funds to it every year based on your household and benefit status! More free money! Winning!


I was able to use my tax return to reach my goal of having at least $1,000.00 in my “Oh Shit” emergency fund. Now my account is over that amount and I’m still contributing every two weeks.


I started a new book by the same author as one of the books I’ve previously written. It’s the second book in the trilogy. I’m excited to see if I’ll be hooked like I was with the pervious book.

I seem to be back on track with some things and working on the others. I’m a work in progress.

Queen  Jazz

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