When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

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Today we are talking about failure.

Have you ever felt like you’re not doing as good as you could be? Do your mistakes make you feel like a failure? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions then I invite you to continue to read this post. I invite you to try to change your perspective.

One of the worst things that I think you can do is punish yourself or talk down to yourself based on a mistake you have made. Life goes on and lessons are learned. Use that mistake to make better decisions.

I was constantly beating myself up every time I made a mistake. I felt as though I wasn’t doing my best. It took one of my friends’ comments to make me understand that I am way too hard on myself. They told me something powerful, they said, “You are doing the best to your knowledge.”

It probably doesn’t sound like much but you probably don’t understand my position. I am working on tasks day in and day out, that I don’t fully understand. I never received the proper training. When I ask questions, I don’t get clear responses, if i get a response at all.

Then after I try and do what I think is right I get fussed at and talked down to. It’s horrible and that leaves me thinking, “Dang I made a mistake, it could have been avoided.” There isn’t anyway reason why I should continue to blame myself. I asked questions, yet I didn’t get clear instructions, or the help I needed, so I had to make a move. To my defense I am doing my best with the knowledge that I have on the topic.

I don’t think it fair to be in a position where I am not learning, growing, and understanding everything that I’m doing. I like to be able to see the full picture and not just a piece of it. It’s times like this when you have to realize like you’re in a lose-lose situation.

There’s no way you can learn without making mistakes and asking questions. When you don’t get answers to your questions then, then that’s a problem in my opinion. Why waste your time if you can’t learn? Mistakes should be looked at as opportunities to try again and improve. Be persistent and persevere. You’ve got this!!


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