Welcome! My name is Jazz. I’m a South Carolina native and I currently reside in the Peach State. I started my blog and brand when I realized that I was living my life for everyone else except myself. My website serves as a documentary of my process of finding myself and my purpose.

At that point in my life I also realized that it was time that I grab my life by the reins and take control. It was time that I understood that I am the one who makes all of the decisions in my life. Just like the queen is the most powerful piece in chess, I am the most powerful person in my life.

It is my hope that my content serves to help awaken the inner Queen and King in you, so that you can change your life and actually enjoy it! The journey of life is too precious to be wasted doing things that don’t serve you. Join me as I change the way that I live so that I can live a life that I love, while inspiring you to do the same.

Here on my website you’ll discover content training from different areas of my life such as my journey to becoming financially independent, first time mom experiences, my natural hair/journey, and more! Come take a peek at the different aspects of my life that make me who I am.

I’ll be seeing you around!





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